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Customer Experience


Every aspect of your trip is tailored to your customer experience. Whether traveling for business or personal leisure, your Charter Advisor will handle everything from in-flight catering to ground transportation and everything in between.

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Traveling for a special occasion, please let our Charter Advisors know so that we can make sure your special occasion is prepared for. Want flowers onboard? No problem. Want champagne as a surprise, no problem. We can do almost anything, and our team will ensure the plane and flight takes off without a hitch!

In-Flight Catering

Our Charter Advisors are here to ensure that you have any and all amenities onboard, food, beverage, alcohol etc. We are able to offer multicourse meals to your favorite newspaper, our Charter Advisors are here to make sure you have what you want onboard to make your private jet charter, yours.

Ground Transportation

We can arrange all forms of ground transportation, from luxury car rentals to secured chauffeurs. Our Charter Advisors will tailor your ground transportation to meet your needs. We will work with the service provider to ensure a seamless transfer from plane to car and ensure you have a comfortable ride to your final destination.

This is your experience and you should have it your way. No matter the reason for your travel, let your Charter Advisor know.
Erin Air takes pride in the details and we are here to ensure that your trip is as enjoyable and safe as possible.


Contact us today with your customer experience questions or desires!