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One-Way Flights

Reduce Your Jet Charter Cost with a One-Way

The term “One-Way” is used to describe a private jet that is returning home empty to its original base airport after a one-way trip or a plane that needs to relocate to another airport for its next charter flight and does not have any passengers on board.

Also known as a “DeadHead Flight”, many aviation professionals have started to market these planes with more competitive, aggressive pricing – since the full trip was already paid for, these flights are sold just to offset the aircraft owners’ cost, as fuel cost, land and ramp fees, instead of flying the aircraft empty.

Not all aircraft owners will allow on-demand charter passengers to use One-Way flights, which makes them more difficult to locate.

It is very important to note that One-Way pricing is NOT standard pricing. You are saving a lot of money by booking a One-Way leg over a “live” leg, however, it may come at a cost to your convenience. For example, if the passenger/owner who booked the “live” leg of the trip decides to cancel their flight, the empty leg that you booked will suddenly become unavailable and your booked trip will be canceled. Additionally, if the passenger/owner of the live leg decides to change their departure time, it can start a domino effect and you will be required to change your departure time to accommodate their change. It is risky, but if you are willing to take the risk – there are savings up to 50% off the normal flight cost.

Who Can Benefit from One-Ways?

One-way flyers with flexible schedules are best suited for One-Ways. This generally works best if you are staying in your destination for more than a few nights. These allow flyers to save money and help the environment by filling empty planes, which creates a win-win scenario.

Don’t be fooled by other companies – request a quote or visit our One-Ways page, and make sure you ask one of our charter advisors about available One-Ways for your upcoming trips!

How Can I Find One-Ways Near Me?

We market our available One-Ways on our website – routing, departure times, and price of these deadhead charter flights are often non-negotiable. 

Another issue is availability – these One-Ways are often made available within 2-7 days’ notice, and once they’re listed, they’re booked quickly. Trying to find a One-Way near you can be difficult, even for seasoned private flyers.

We have access to a fleet of business jets that are operated by Erin Air, and some by our Charter Partners, increasing the chances of finding a One-Way that matches your schedule and destination. We’re also able to negotiate with operators to offer the absolute best price for our clients, with savings of up to 50% off average charter flight pricing!

Submit a FREE request for a One-Way Flight Or Visit Our Website!

It’s important to note that the market for empty jets is constantly changing as new routes are created and flights are booked. Request a Quote or give us a call at 206-329-4664 to speak with one of our Charter Advisors about potential One-Ways available for your upcoming flights.