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Super Midsize Jet One-Ways

These flights are a great oppurtunity to enjoy private jet charter at a fraction of the price.
Below you’ll find a list of our current available one-ways along with information about our fleet of industry leading aircraft.

Available One-Ways


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We update our lists every week, but go check out our Midsize one-ways!


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Super Midsize Aircraft Fleet


The Cessna Citation X is one of the fastest private jets in the world.  Inside the Cessna Citation X’s cabin—sleeker and more aerodynamic than any other private aircraft in its class—you’ll find comfortable leather club chairs, unlimited Domestic WiFi Internet access, and a fully stocked galley with microwave oven, and the interior includes a rear, fully enclosed washroom/Lavatory.


Home Base: Seattle, WA USA

Passenger Seating: 9 | Onboard WiFi  |  Range S/M: 3,125  | Cruising Speed: 590 mph  |  Cabin Dimensions: 5.7 ft High | 5.5 ft Wide | 23.9 ft Long