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Frequent Asked Questions

The Frequent Asked Questions below are the most general questions asked of us.
Private Jet Charter can be an awesome experience. Understanding what it takes and all the pieces involved to make it happen, help us and you make it a better experience.

How much does private charter flight cost?
Each aircraft in our fleet offers different options. The cost is based on your needs and budget. Please give us a call and we are can walk you through the costs incurred for traveling on a private charter flight and what that cost includes. If you’d like an estimate, please visit our Charter page for our estimator for each size aircraft.
Where can I go? What airports can I fly into?
Leave the research, airport codes, and all other flying jargon to us, we’re here to assist you! We just need the basics, when and where you need to be and we can get you to the closest airport possible that makes the most sense for you, and us at the most cost-effective rate for you!
How far in advance do I need to book a flight?
Erin Air is an on demand charter operation, we understand that not all travel can be planned far in advance – urgent matters pop up. We can often be ‘wheels up’ within a few hours, but keep in mind this will depend on aircraft availability and the time needed for you to get to the departure location. If you need a charter immediately, the fastest response would be to call our charter line directly to expedite the booking process.
Is there a luggage/bag limit for my flight?
This is your flight, you can pretty much bring whatever you need to, within reason. Each aircraft offers different cargo space availability and clients commonly bring items like fishing poles or surfboards depending on where they are traveling. During the booking process, we will be sure to address any of your concerns with luggage count or cargo space required for your belongings.
What services can you help me with booking, special events, catering, ground transportation?
At Erin Air we have a dedicated team to make your private charter experience memorable. From surprise birthday trips to business meetings we can help you each step of the way! We commonly arrange inflight catering options and even for your car to be there right next to the jet upon arrival. We absolutely love helping with birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasion celebrations on board too – from balloons, flowers, cake pops, and more!
We want to be clear that we’re not a travel agency and we stick to transportation to and from your Erin Air flight and anything that will be needed inflight, but we try to steer away from planning entire destination trip itineraries to focus on what we do best.
How do I know where to go, once I book a trip?
Once your trip is booked, you’ll receive a trip sheet via email with your detailed trip itinerary. The itinerary will include information such as departure time, location, passenger manifest, as well as any confirmations for additional services booked. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us if you have additional questions though, that’s what we’re here for!
Are pets allowed?
Furbabies are welcome! Pets are welcome to fly in the cabin with you on a leash to maintain them from disturbing the pilots. In fact, if you have special needs for your pet, please let us know ahead of time too so we can help accommodate.
How early do I need to arrive to the FBO before take off?
Forget arriving 2-3 hours before your flight! Our clients typically arrive about 10-15 minutes before their departure time in order to park, have us load luggage and get settled onboard the jet. But that being said…this is YOUR flight! We won’t leave with you (within reason, of course)! So if you’re stuck in traffic, don’t sweat it! Just let us know and we will update the crew accordingly, they’ll be anxiously awaiting your arrival!
What is an FBO?
Fixed Based Operators, or FBO’s are used by aircraft operators to store their aircrafts, refuel, and help stage the aircraft for your arrival. If you’re scheduled to depart from an FBO for your Erin Air trip, you can expect a lounge typesetting – sort of like a scaled-down private airport terminal. FBO’s commonly have a variety of services from a receptionist, snacks, bathrooms, and places to sit while you wait, though you probably won’t be hanging out much.
Do I need to go through security?
We aren’t going to ask you to take off your shoes and there are no waiting lines. But just like flying commercially, it is important to have a photo ID and if you are flying internationally please make sure you have all the required identification, such as passports.
Are there bathrooms?
Just like large commercial aircraft, our jets do have a bathroom or “Lav” or “Lavatory” on board. Generally, Lav’s on private jets are a bit more posh than large commercial aircraft lavs, you’ll find them suitable for your needs.

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Jet Charter is Our Mission

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